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City of Omaha - Nebraska

Omaha Fire DepartmentOmaha, Nebraska

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The Fire Prevention Bureau will review and approve plans within the City of Omaha jurisdictional limits and the 3-mile limit.  All plans reviewed for new construction and renovations will be read using the 2000 Life Safety Code and the 2012 International Fire Code, as well as any other related codes and regulations adopted by the State or the City. 

View the list of Permits and Fees (pdf version)





Assemblies The Fire Prevention Bureau will inspect all Assemblies annually. A fee for this inspection is sent out annually by the City Finance Department. 




Certificate of Occupancy Inspections (CO) A general inspection is conducted for compliance with the Life Safety Code and International Fire Code on all new construction and remodeling. Fire Prevention Inspectors will check "approved plans" at the site of the CO for notes made by plans reviewers and ensure that all construction is per the plans.




Complaints The appropriate inspector will follow up any complaints received by the Fire Prevention Bureau. Any orders necessary will be written and a record of the complaint will be kept on file. The Fire Administration will handle complaints on Fire Inspectors or Bureau members as needed. 




Daycare One Captain is assigned to Day Care occupancies for inspections. The State Health and Human Services Department sends referrals to the Fire Prevention Bureau for all new and renewal inspections. Day Care Centers (more than 12 clients) receive a bi-annual inspection. 




Fire Alarm Acceptance Testing (FA) All new FA systems and additions to existing systems are required to have an acceptance test performed by a State Licensed Fire Alarm Inspector and witnessed by a Fire Prevention Inspector. A fee is charged for this test and after completion and payment an acceptance letter will be sent to the proper persons.


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High-Rise Building Inspections All buildings more than 75" in height, as measured from the lowest Fire Department access to the floor level of the highest occupied story, are classed as High Rise buildings. An annual inspection is done to ensure adequate Life Safety features are present, maintained, and inspected as required. 




Healthcare Licensing Annually the Health and Human Services Department sends a list of the health care clinics and residential facilities to the Fire Prevention bureau for licensing renewal inspections. These facilities are inspected and a fee given to the proprietors, and a State Certificate of Occupancy is sent for licensing purposes. 




Hospital and Correctional Institutions One Inspector is assigned for all Hospitals and Correctional facilities. An annual inspection is conducted. 




Liquor License Inspections Referrals are made to the Fire Prevention Bureau to inspect occupancies that serve or sell liquor and alcoholic beverages. A general inspection will be conducted, any violations noted will be corrected and a fee paid before approval is given to the Liquor Control Commission. 




Schools One Inspector is assigned to inspect all educational occupancies (through the 12th grade). The school inspector coordinates the school fire drills that are witnessed by the Fire Department companies. The school inspector also organizes fire Patrols for elementary schools. 




Standpipe Acceptance Flow Test All Standpipe systems shall be subjected to a flow test when they are installed. Contact the City Mechanical Inspector at Permits and Inspections, (402) 444-5359 to schedule a test.




Tanks A Fire Prevention Inspector inspects underground, above-ground, and flammable liquid tanks for compliance with State and Local codes.  




105.7.13 Day care and Child care facilities inspection fee. (Includes Adult Day Services).




  1. 1-8 clients

  2. 9-12 clients

  3. 13 or more clients

  4. Any reinspection







105.7.14 Foster care home 




  1. Reinspection 




105.7.15 Healthcare inspection fee.  Residential Board and Care, Assisted Living, Developmentally Disabled, Mental Health, Substance Abuse Treatment Center, And Health Clinic, as described in the Healthcare Facilities Licensure Act 




Facilities Licensure Act

  1. Initial Inspection 

$108.00 for up to 50 beds $135.00 for 51 to 100 beds $216.00 for 101 or more beds



    2.  Each reinspection 




105.7.16 Hospital inspection fee  




  1. Initial inspection 

$108.00 for up to 50 beds $135.00 for 51 to 100 beds $216.00 for 101 or more beds 



    2.  Each reinspection 





State Fire Marshal

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

United States Fire Administration (USFA)


Forms and Applications

Tank Information - Flammable Liquid Storage

Application for Permit to Install Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks

Application for Permit to Install Underground Storage Tanks for Petroleum Products or Hazardous Substances

Application for Permit to Permanently Close Tank

Report of School Fire Drill

List of Licensed Tank Installers

Request for Aboveground Flammable Liquid Storage District

Property Search/Public Records Request Form

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